The Repair Department

Advanced Fluid Systems’ Hidden Gem.

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Yes. AFS can repair just about every product or system used in the hydraulics industry. In today’s economic climate it makes even more sense to repair versus purchasing new. Whether your needed repair is due to normal wear and tear, accidental breakage, defective parts or due to poor maintenance, we can get you up and running again. All AFS repairs meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications for less money than a new unit, saving you money.

Advanced Fluid Systems’ York facility has a 14,000 sq./ft. area dedicated to our repair, manufacturing and field services which includes a 20-ton overhead crane and dedicated clean room for testing.

Whatever the reason, our process begins the same. We will conduct a cost-free evaluation of your equipment once it is received. We’ll then submit a quote as to the needed repair and or replacement options. Once your written approval is received, we will begin the repair process. Each repaired is item fully tested to the manufacturer’s specifications and includes a one year limited warranty and a two year limited warranty on Moog products.

Finally, your repaired equipment is shipped per your requirements.

Types of Repairs Performed:

  • Hydraulic pumps and motors
  • Large and small bore cylinders
  • Proportional-Servo Control Valves
  • Mobile Proportional Control Valves
  • Hydraulic Power Units and Motion Controls
  • Directional, Flow and Pressure Control Valves
  • DIN Cavity Valves
  • Accumulators
  • Gear Boxes
  • PTO Drives
  • Hydraulic Winches

The Repair Process:

  • AFS is contacted for repair
  • Item to be repaired is received
  • A repair number is assigned and photos are taken
  • Item is evaluated. This usually requires a complete teardown
  • Photos are taken during teardown for accuracy
  • An obligation free quote is produced for most repairs and sent to the customer*
    (*large equipment/systems may require an inspection fee)
  • Approved quote is received from the customer
  • Parts are ordered, repair(s) are made
  • Assembly completed
  • Product is tested to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Product is shipped, delivered, or made ready for pick-up

Note: For Moog components and hydraulic systems, please contact us for a return number and additional instructions.

Contact Advanced Fluid Systems for your next repair evaluation.

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