AFS Purchase Order Verification

Verify an AFS Purchase Order is Legitimate

Attention Vendors and Suppliers:

To combat the ever-increasing incidents of fraudulent orders being placed for goods and services across the country, AFS has implemented a verification process to check the authenticity of electronic purchase orders that appear to have originated by Advanced Fluid Systems.

Advanced Fluid Systems purchase are typically made with global suppliers and in some cases local vendors. If you do not have a previous agreement with Advanced Fluid Systems or suspect that an AFS purchase order was made fraudulently please verify the following:

Information to verify in any communication or order includes:

  • Advanced Fluid Systems contact
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • E-mail contact information
  • Website information
    (Advanced Fluid Systems website address is –
  • Method of payment, (purchase order, credit card, etc.)
  • Material ordered date and any special references or identification numbers along with special instructions.

Confirming an Advanced Fluid Systems purchase order:

If you would like to confirm an Advanced Fluid Systems order, please provide the following information in the form below which will be reviewed promptly by Advanced Fluid Systems’ procurement department.

You may also contact AFS directly at: 717-757-1068

Supplier/Vendor Company Information (*) required information

Further Information Noted on Order