Vertically Mounted Lubrication Unit

High pressure (hydrostatic) lubrication for a trunnion bearing

Wall mountable lubrication skid

Trunnion bearings are very specialized bearing mechanisms. Sometimes, a shaft not only has to rotate, but the assembly connected to the shaft has to rotate as well. Other times, the shaft (trunnion) has to be free to move around in circular motions. A specially designed bearing allows for the specific movement of the trunnion. Lubrication of the trunnion bearing is essential to reduce wear on the moving parts.

Meeting the customer’s specifications, AFS manufactured two vertically mountable hi-lift trunnion bearing lubrication skids. The unit is rated to operate at 6000 psi/413 bar thus pressurizing the bearing housing, lifting the trunnion and creating a minute space between parts. The moving parts are supported by a thin layer of fluid alleviating metal to metal contact.

What makes this unit unique:

  • Designed and manufactured to operate up to 6000 psi/413 bar
  • Can be manually primed to reach specified pressure
  • Custom manifold block to accommodate flow from the main pump and manual pump
  • High-pressure filter housing and media
  • Mounts vertically on a wall or larger equipment.

Advanced Fluid Systems can design and manufacture systems specifically to your needs or unique application. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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