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Vertically Mounted Lubrication Unit

High pressure (hydrostatic) lubrication for a trunnion bearing Trunnion bearings are very specialized bearing mechanisms. Sometimes, a shaft not only has to rotate, but the assembly connected to the shaft has to rotate as well.¬†Other times, the shaft (trunnion) has to be free to move around in circular motions. A specially designed bearing allows for… Read more »

AFS Team Succeeds on Short Deadline

Custom Built Hydraulic Power Unit in a Week Tuesday. It started with a phone call late on a Tuesday afternoon. A new customer in Tennessee reached out to us to build a Custom Hydraulic Power Unit. Not an unusual request for AFS. AFS went into action. The request went from our customer service department to… Read more »

Moving the world’s largest glass doors

Us Bank Stadium

  40,000 tons hydraulically controlled. US Bank Stadium, the largest public works project in Minnesota’s history plays host to the Minnesota Vikings and other sporting and entertainment events. Overall, this stadium at 1.75 million square feet is nearly twice the size of the old Metrodome. The stadium’s contemporary design includes a metal skin, transparent flexible… Read more »

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